* Do they all taste different?

     Most of them do! Visit our Mushroom Profiles page: 

* What do I DO with them?!

     Eat them! Well...we know what you mean! Visit our menu to see pages on how to store and cook mushrooms, flavor profiles, recipes, and cooking demos. You can cook and eat them the same way you would cook any mushroom from the grocery store, these will just a whole lot better!

* How do I store them? Do I need to wash them?

     IN THE FRIG! and no washing needed! Visit our Storing and Cooking page:

* How long will they last?

     It depends on the variety. Visit our Storing and Cooking page:     

* Do you offer farm tours?

    Our farm is not open to the public, because it is on private property. But there's a great interview with a tour of the farm on our home page!

* What's the white stuff on my mushrooms?

     That"s mycelium! It's what mushrooms grow out of and is completely edible. If you see anything green, blue, black, or pink growing on your mushroom, or if it smells bad, we would toss it.

* Can you ID this mushroom I found in my yard?

     NEVER EAT A MUSHROOM UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE WHAT IT IS. Mushroom identification requires a lot of specific info and a good bit of expertise. We really like the FaceBook group "Louisiana wild edibles, foraging & wild medicinal plants & mushrooms" and "Mushrooms and Fungi of Louisiana". We also recommend anything written by mushroom expert Paul Stamets.

* How do you grow them at the farm?

     See our farm tour video on the home page!

* Do you have any recipes?

     Please visit our Recipes to Try & Cooking Demos page:

* What tastes best with...steak, fish, white sauce, red sauce, etc?

     See our Mushroom Varieties & Flavor Profiles page:

* Do you offer foraging classes/hikes?

   We do not at the moment because our farm is located on private property. But it is something we would love to do and are thinking about. Please make sure you follow us on social media to get the latest info and updates to make sure you know when we do!

* Do you sell spent mushroom blocks for compost?

     Not at the moment. BUT we are currently working on it. Our spent blocks are resting and being turned into beautiful rich compost which we are having tested. We will definiely let everyone know when we have compost available!

* How many mushrooms will I get off a fruiting block?

     See our Fruiting Block Instructions:      , but you should get at least two "flushes" or batches of mushrooms (possibly 3 or 4) from your block before the nutrients in the block are all spent.

* Can I buy the display mugs? :)

    We would love to start carrying more mushroom merchandise for our fellow mushroom aficionados, but for now we recommend a Google search for enamel mushroom mug.