Storing & Cooking Mushrooms


     *REFRIGERATE! The crisper drawer is excellent if its available!

     *Store loosely wrapped in brown paper bag.

     *Mushrooms like humidity but hate condensation, do not let them get damp.

     *How long they will keep depends on the variety, anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks; please visit our mushroom variety page for specifics. White spots on the mushrooms are fine---that's the mycelium; any black, pink, blue, or green spots mean the mushrooms must be tossed.

pink oyster= 2 to 3 days

chesnut= 3 to 7 days

pioppino= 7 to 8 days

oyster= 1 to 1 1/2 weeks

shiitake= up to 2 weeks

white fuzz= mycelium= ok!!!

fuzz that is pink, black, green= toss!!!

If mushrooms start to dry out too much, try adding them to soups, gumbo, ramen, or stews.



 Our mushrooms do not need to be washed before cooking, just brush off any sawdust that may be remaining and cut off any tough shiitake stems and you are ready to go!

Cook our mushrooms the same way you would cook any grocery store variety:

saute, roast, grill, fry

Cooking Tips:

     *     For lion's mane mushrooms, sauté in a dry pan for a minute or two to pull out the extra moisture, THEN add your oil (olive oil or butter etc). A little oil goes a very long way as the mushrooms will soak it all up!