Mushroom Varieties and Flavor Profiles

Lions Mane: delicate crabmeat-like flavor and texture

Grey Oyster: mild, great beginner mushroom, mostly takes on the flavor of what you cook it with 

King Trumpet (or King Oyster): mild, similar flavor to the grey oyster but with a dense, meaty texture; great steak (cut lengthwise) or scallop (cut stem crosswise) substitute. Can also shred it with a fork. Holds up well on the grill.

Black Pearl Oyster: mild, similar flavor to the grey oyster but with a meaty texture, good chicken substitute

Pink Oyster: bold, strong flavor - similar to seafood, great for a huge mushroom fan

Gold Oyster: moderate mushroom flavor, retains some yellow color when cooked, delicate texture

Snow Oyster: mild, 

Chestnut: mild nutty flavor, stems stay nice and crisp when cooked

Pioppino: a little less nutty than the chestnut mushroom, stems stay crisp when cooked

Shiitake: rich, earthy, umami flavor. great meat substitute

Chanterelle: rich buttery flavor